Freitag, 8. November 2013

how to migrate SBS 2003 to windows server 2012

systems: old SBS2003, new DC2012

1) migrate exchange 2003 to cloud (office365)

2) prepare new DC'S with AD2012 (buy AD2012 server and user cals!)

3) remove SBS2003: exchange 2003
How to Uninstall Exchange Server 2003:

4) transfer all 5 FSMO roles to new DC2012
check with: "netdom query fsmo"
check global catalog

5) transfer other roles (PKI, DNS, DHCP, ...)
certutil -dcinfo deleteBad
check for? 

6) move AD sites and services licensing

7) remove old 2003 AD on sbs2003 (dcpromo)
- cleanup dns zones with old entries

8) update domain and forest level of AD for fitting your enterprise

further improvements:

9) DFS: Migrate a Domain-based Namespace to Windows Server 2008 Mode

keywords: remove old small business server 2003, get out of small business server
and: you should defenitly know what you are doing! (MCITP)
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