Sonntag, 16. November 2014

thinking of "web APIs to control hardware and infrastructure are brilliant."

what can you do with API?

  • admins choice: good api's scale horizontal and vertical!
  • use api statistics!
  • use web apis with simple commands on any platforms:
    wget. curl - with this basics you can get an post almost everything!
  • api = open standards for everybody
  • environments /api /api2 /apidevelopment /api/v1/ /api/v2
    have time to integrate lagacy apps
  • definded standards on communication
  • api for collecting
  • api for pushing data
  • api for reporting data
  • api for getting configuration data

which api to use?

  • maintainence: wo is updateing api, who many releases, milestones, roadmap?
  • stability: check the features and bug list!
  • popularity: how many poeple are useing it?
  • team: team vs standalone?
  • quality: who controlles versions/changes?
    unit testing?
    are there analyse tools for the api?
    style guide?