Donnerstag, 4. Dezember 2008

iTunes script - cleanup, update id3 tags, location and rating

with the following script you can:

* remove dead files of your itunes database
* update id3 tags of alle files (uncomment currTrack.UpdateInfoFromFile();)
* update "comment" id3-tag write itunes rating and location info to the file:

source code part:
currTrack.Comment = currTrack.rating + "; " + currTrack.Location
"40; E:\STORE\AUDIO\artist\albumname\01-trackname.mp3"

== the benefit ==
even if you dont have audiofiles with id3 tags you now can search for foldername (albumname, artist, folder structure, ...) because the comment tag ist also indexed in search ;-)

whith this script its possible to export the itunes rating to the comment-id3-tag and you can use the rating info in other programs ;-)

== filter feature ==
* update only files with special substring: eg "mp2"

== rating codes ==
no star 0, one star 20, two stars 40, ... 5 stars 100

== source ==

on windows call with:
cscript.exe remove_and_update_comment_location.js

iTunes script - BIG albums

the following script creates a user defined playlist with tracks with big albums:
if an album has more then 7 tracks, than the whole album is added to the list

BIG albums - albums: tracks.count > 7

on windows: call with with command:
cscript.exe albums_track_count_bigger7.js